How does a Capstone Certificate differ from a Master’s degree?

The International Politics and Practice Capstone Certificate is a tailored online program that allows students to quickly and conveniently build competency for a career in the international arena. Upon completion of the program, capstone students will not receive a degree, but they will receive an official certificate and transcripts from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The biggest distinction between a capstone certificate and a master’s program is that capstone students are post-baccalaureate Special (non-degree seeking) Students. The IPPCC courses earn full graduate credit which students may subsequently utilize in relevant degree programs at UW–Madison and other institutions (subject to host institution policies regarding transfer credits). However, capstone studies at UW–Madison do not automatically lead to a graduate degree. Students seeking a master’s degree must apply separately for admission to the UW–Madison Graduate School and may not enroll simultaneously in both a graduate and a capstone program.

Am I a good candidate for the Capstone Certificate program?

A good candidate for IPPCC will have high academic aptitude, strong critical thinking skills and the ability to learn in an online environment. All applicants must already hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. We designed the IPPCC program to complement a bachelor’s degree.

Is there financial support available to students in the International Politics and Practice Capstone Certificate program?

While there are no scholarships specifically available to IPPCC students, participants are eligible to apply for scholarship programs offered by UW–Madison. For more details, please visit the Division of Continuing Studies website here.

Military personnel should consult with Veteran Services to learn more about funding eligibility.

Finally, some professionals may be eligible for grants or scholarships through their places of employment.

What is the tuition for the program?

Tuition for IPPCC is currently $800.00 per credit.  This total is based on resident graduate school tution cost minus the segregated fees normally charged.  Because our program is delivered entirely online, we are exempt from charging for on-campus services.

Where do I go for help with enrollment?

Once you’re admitted to IPPCC, you’ll receive a letter of acceptance from both the Division of Continuing Studies and the Department of Political Science. These letters will contain instructions regarding class enrollment.

You can also find instructions for enrolling in classes by visiting the Division of Continuing Studies’s FAQ website.

However, don’t hesitate to contact the program coordinator for IPPCC with any questions.